We produce safe and competitive energy for the Brazilian electricity system with a thermoelectric generating network that reaches 2.8 GW of installed capacity (78% operational). The assets are located in the States of Maranhão, Ceará and Roraima. Find out a little more about our ventures.

Parnaíba Complex

The Parnaíba Complex is the pioneering enterprise that introduced the Reservoir-to-Wire (R2W) model in Brazil. The generation of energy using thermoelectric power plants is directly supplied from the natural gas fields developed and operated by Eneva, and which are located close to the thermal plants.
The Parnaíba Complex is made up of the Parnaíba I, Parnaíba II,Parnaíba III and Parnaíba IV plants, with two projects under development: Parnaíba V and Parnaíba VI.


Other power generation assets

The Itaqui and Pecém plants Are strategically located close to important ports in the cities of São Luis (MA) and São Gonçalo do Amarante (CE). Running on coal, the plants use the logistical infrastructure of the ports at Pecém , in Ceará, and Itaqui, in Maranhão to receive raw materials.
The Tauá plant, however finds itself at the forefront by being the first solar farm to generate electrical power at a commercial scale in Brazil.