We enjoy challenges and our determination to make the unknown known has placed us among the largest producers of onshore natural gas in Brazil. We are the only private energy company in the country with experience in E&P ( Exploration and production) which also has access to onshore gas.

Our total area of concessions is over 50,000 km²s in the Parnaíba (MA) and Amazonas (AM) Basins.

We currently possess nine fields that have been declared commercially viable:

Five of these are in production:

(Gavião Real, Gavião Vermelho, Gavião Branco, Gavião Caboclo e Gavião Azul)

Four of them are in development:

(Gavião Preto, Gavião Branco Norte, Gavião Tesoura e Gavião Carijó).

The company also has five exploratory blocks acquired in the 13th round of ANP tenders, in 2015, five blocks acquired in the 14th round of ANP Tenders, in 2017, and six blocks acquired in the first cycle of the ANP Open Acreage in 2019.

Besides the Parnaíba Basin (MA), Eneva also operates the Azulão field in the Amazonas Basin (AM). the natural gas produced in this field goes to fuel the Jaguatirica II thermoelectric power plant in Roraima.

We explore and produce natural gas in line with the demand from the power plants. the nun Associated onshore gas is more competitive in terms of cost of Discovery, development and production by cubic meter, resulting in the production of energy at more attractive prices for the Brazilian electricity system.


success rate in pioneer wells


Replacement ratio of Reserves 2P in the Parnaíba Basin (Dec/19)

35,4 bcm

discovered and certified


onshore wells drilled

Our Numbers

Parnaíba Basin

  • Nine natural gas fields declared commercially viable, with 5 being in production and four under development.
  • Total area of exploration: over 40.000 km².
  • It has its own infrastructure dedicated to re-fueling, with 203 kilometres of proprietary gas pipeline.
  • 24,1 billion cubic meters of certified remaining reserves.
  • Production Capacity of 8.4 million meters of natural gas per day.
  • Over 400 wells drilled.
  • Success rate for pioneer wells is 35%.

Amazonas Basin

  • 1 Natural gas field – Azulão.
  • 3.6 billion cubic meters in certified reserves.
  • Open Acreage offers opportunities to broaden the Azulão cluster after the first thermoelectric plant has been installed.
  • The development plan has been approved by ANP.