Our quest at Eneva is to maximize value and constantly involve, developing our processes of quality efficiency and ethics together with our suppliers. All suppliers who are interested in working with us must, primarily, be registered in our system.

If you identify with our values and wish to become one of our partners, see how to proceed below:

The first step is to register on SAP Ariba – the web platform we used to carry out commercial transactions and exchange documentation with our suppliers.

Before You register check the manual that we have put together to guide all of our suppliers.

Find the manual here


Start by filling out the auto registration, through which we learn a little more about your potential as a supplier and what kind of product, material or service you are interested in supplying to Eneva.

In order to completes the auto registration, follow the steps below:

Click on the link : http://ENEVA.sourcing.ariba.com/ad/selfRegistration

Complete the information about your company


State which supply category you wish to work with and the supply regions you will be able to handle, particularly in the cities and states where Eneva is present. It is vitally important to fill out these fields so that we can identify you should the opportunity to participate in RFP events arises.


If you are aligned with our standards and needs, Eneva We’ll move on to the supply approval process. In this phase you will receive an email inviting you to enroll in theAriba Network and finalize your registration.

Be aware: there are no costs involved enrolling in the Ariba Network or SAP Ariba to attend to Eneva.

Support when using our supplier system

Should you have any doubts on how to register or proceed during the negotiation, our supplier manual on the platform will offer step-by-step instructions on the competitive process.

If you have any technical problems registering or logging in on the platform please get in touch with SAP Ariba through the Help Center or on the page seller.ariba.com ou supplier.ariba.com.