Parnaíba Complex

The Parnaíba Complex Is one of the largest thermal parks for natural gas energy production in Brazil. As a pioneer in the use of the Reservoir-to Wire integrated model, the complex uses gas produced in the fields situated close to the thermal park.

The Parnaíba Complex is made up of the Parnaíba I, Parnaíba II,Parnaíba III and Parnaíba IV plants, with two projects under development: Parnaíba V and Parnaíba VI.

Located in the town of Santo Antonio dos Lopes, in Maranhão, the Complex boasts a contracted capacity of 1.9 GW, where 1.4 GW is already in operation. All power generated is relayed by the Interconnected National Grid (SIN), using the northern subsystem.

1,9 GW of contracted capacity
11% of the capacity of thermal gas-powered production in Brazil
8,4 mi de m³ of natural gas refuel the plants at the Parnaíba Complex
  • Complexo Parnaíba
  • Complexo Parnaíba
  • Complexo Parnaíba