We are Pioneers
by nature

We transform onshore natural gas assets into electrical energy through Reservoir-to-wire (R2W), an innovative business model which was at the vanguard when it was adopted at the Parnaíba Complex (MA). This model means that natural gas located in the Parnaíba basin can be transformed into electrical energy at a more reasonable price for the Brazilian electricity system.

With the R2W model it is possible to monetize stocks of natural gas found in remote regions onshore in Brazil, but using the energy transmission infrastructure to relay the product. The gas found is used to generate electrical energy, which is sent through the Interconnected National Grid via the transmission network that passes close by.

Through its access to natural gas reserves to produce energy, Eneva differentiates itself from other non-integrated competitors and has reinvented the way to make energy, meeting a growing Brazilian need for new and cleaner sources of thermal energy.