Powered by the energy of the future

We are the only private energy producing company in Brazil with experience in E&P, and access to onshore gas. Our business model is founded on Reservoir-to-wire (R2W), consisting of thermal power generation integrated with natural gas producing fields. We perform an important role in the transition of the Brazilian energy matrix, with a flexible, cleaner, economical and efficient fuel. It is with this fuel that we contribute to the development of the country and the positive transformation of the regions in which we operate. We also work in the energy and natural gas free market with Eneva Trading, a company which offers the market a robust business platform. With photovoltaic distributed generation we set up pilot projects to benefit consumers in the states of Ceará and Maranhão.
Eneva has been listed on the The Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3) since 2007.

2,8 GW

installed capacity
(78 % operational)

8,4 million m³

of natural gas/day

11% of the country’s

thermal power generation

+50.000 km²

in the Parnaíba

(MA) and Amazonas (AM) basins

Eneva in numbers

Our mission, vision and behavior work as a compass for our actions, anywhere, anytime. They characterize our Way of Being and guide us in our next steps.


To be a pioneer in the new frontiers of energy, with reliability, competitiveness and responsibility.

Vision 2023

To reach 4.7 GW Production capacity and become the most admired Brazilian energy company for our ability to innovate, our performance and our personnel


  • We have the courage to take responsibly-considered risks.
  • We are welcoming, constructive and resilient.
  • We follow the highest standards of performance.
  • We depend on each other.
  • We celebrate and recognize success.

Map of Operations

See our operations in different areas described below. Slide the cursor around the map and see the details.

UTE Jaguatirica II CCGT (em construção)

  • Jaguatirica II – 132MW
    • . Tanking
  • . LNG regasification unit

Bacia do Amazonas

  • 1 gas field (Azulão)
    • . 3,6 bcm in certified reserves
  • . Development plan approved by ANP

Complexo Parnaíba

  • Parnaíba I 0CGT – 675MWParnaíba II CCGT – 519MWParnaíba III OCGT – 178MWParnaíba IV – 56MWParnaíba V CCGT – 385MW (under construction)Parnaíba VI CCGT – 92MW (construction from 2022)

Bacia do Parnaíba

  • 9 gás fields
  • . 24,1 bcm of remaining certified reserves
  • . 203km of pipeline network
  • . Production capacity of  8,4 MMm³/day

UTE Itaqui

  • 360MW

UTE Pecém II

  • 365MW

Sede Admistrativa

  • Administrative office

Our story

Pioneering and resilience are part of our DNA. Throughout our history we have overcome challenges and become one of the most important energy companies in the country.

  • 2007 – 2009

    • 2007 - Contracted 1.1 GW in the A-5 auction;
    • 2007 - Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the Brazilian Stock Exchange for R$ 2 billion;
    • 2009 - Acquisition of participation in 7 exploratory blocks in the Parnaíba basin;
    • 2009 - Start of the exploration campaign.
  • 2010 – 2012

    • 2010 - Start of drilling campaign;
    • 2010 - First discovery of natural gas in the Parnaíba basin (MA);
    • 2011 - Opening of the solar energy farm in Tauá (Ceará), The first to produce energy on a commercial scale in Brazil;
    • 2012 – Gavião Real is the first field to supply natural gas to power plants in the Complexo Parnaíba (MA).
  • 2013

    • 2013 - First commercially produced natural gas in the Parnaíba basin (MA);
    • 2013 – Opening of the Parnaíba Complex (MA);
    • 2013 – Start of commercial operations at the Itaqui (MA), Parnaíbas I, III and IV plants (Parnaíba Complex/MA) and at Pecém II (CE).
  • 2014 – 2015

    • 2014 - Presentation of the plan of receivership;
    • 2015 - Acquisition of 7 exploratory blocks (13th round from ANP - National Petroleum Agency);
    • 2015 - Declaration of commercialization 04 new fields in the Parnaíba basin.
  • 2016

    • 2016 - Receivership comes to a successful conclusion;
    • 2016 – Start of commercial operations at theParnaíba II plant (Parnaíba complex MA);
    • 2016 - Hit 8.4 million m³ of natural gas produced per day at the Parnaíba Compex;
    • 2016 - Merger between Eneva and PGN creates Brazil’s first integrated energy-producing company.
  • 2017 – 2018

    • 2017 – Acquisition of five blocks in the Parnaíba basin (MA) - 14th round from ANP;
    • 2017 - Re-IPO to the value of R$.900 million;
    • 2017 - Acquisition of the Azulão field (AM);
    • 2018 - Parnaíba V project (closing the cycle at the Parnaíba I plant) wins the A-6 energy auction from ANEEL (The Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency).
  • 2019

    • 2019 – Azulão-Jaguatirica II integrated project wins the auction for the isolated system in Roraima;
    • 2019 – Parnaíba VI project (closure of the cycle of the Parnaíba III plant) wins the A-6 energy auction held by ANEEL;
    • 2019 – Acquisition of six blocks in the Parnaíba basin (first cycle of ANP Open Acreage).

More about Eneva in our corporate video