We wish to continue growing, always remaining aware of opportunities in the market. Our vision is to achieve 4.7 gigawatts of capacity or energy Generation by 2023.
We are developing new enterprises which will contribute to the safe and competitive supply of energy for the country. This challenge represents some of our main values: determination, collaboration, courage and the ability to take on responsibly-considered risks.

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Azulão-Jaguatirica II Integrated Project

The Azulão-Jaguartirica Integrated Project II was one of the winners of the energy auction to supply Boa Vista (RR) and connected locations, held in 2019 by the National Electrical Energy Agency (ANEEL). Boasting investments of R$1.9 billion, the project will allow for the disconnection of diesel generation capacity, leading to a reduction in emissions and the cost of generation. CO2 emissions are expected to fall by 35% in the state, representing 180,000 tons/year of CO2 released into the atmosphere. Emissions of Nitrous Oxide (NOx)will be reduced by 99%. It is also expected that there will be a reduction in the cost of generation of the isolated system in Roraima, the only state in the Federation that is not connected to the Interconnected National Electricity Grid. The project strengthens our pioneering culture which successfully implemented the Reservoir-to-Wire (R2W) model successfully in the Parnaíba Complex.

Understanding the Project

The Jaguatirica II plant is under construction in the city of Boa Vista (RR), and will generate approximately 117 MW of electrical energy produced from natural gas coming from the Azulão field in Amazonas. The energy generated by Eneva will service approximately 70% of the consumption in the whole state from 2021 on. This means that all residences and commercial establishments in Roraima will be supplied.

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Azulão gas field (Amazonas)
  • Natural gás production
  • Liquefaction terminal
  • Tanking
  • Transportation of LNG in cryogenic tanks from the Azulão field to the thermoelectric plant (TPP) (1.100 km all of asphalted highways)
Jaguatirica II CCGT (Roraima)
  • LNG tanking
  • URegasification
  • TPP

Parnaiba V Project

The Parnaiba V Project, in the Parnaiba Complex (MA) was one of the winners in the A-6 energy auction, held by the National Electrical Energy Agency (ANEEL) in 2018. The plant closes the Parnaiba I cycle and adds a further 385 megawatts to our portfolio. As it is a combined cycle plant, Parnaiba V will use the steam created from the heat generated in the electricity generation process at the Parnaiba I plant, and needs no additional gas to produce energy. In practice this model represents a secure and cheaper production of energy for the Interconnected National Grid (SIN).

How does the combined cycle system work?

To explain simply, the combined cycle uses the heat created in the gas turbine which is then used to turn the water Into steam which is then used to push a turbine. In this way we generate more energy without using a single molecule of additional gas. It is a safe and efficient means of generating energy.

Parnaiba VI Project

One of the winners in the A-6 energy auction held in 2019, the Parnaiba VI Project is also a combined cycle plant and will use the steam produced from the heat in the generation process from the Parnaiba III plant, without needing to use any further natural gas to produce energy. Parnaiba VI will add an additional 92 MW to our portfolio and will also represent a safe, competitive and cheaper energy for the Interconnected National Grid (SIN). The start for the construction of the plant is set for 2022.

Usina Parnaíba III que será ampliada com a contrução de Parnaíba VI
Usina Parnaíba III que será ampliada com a contrução de Parnaíba VI